Wednesday, January 4, 2012

college to hospital

I have not been well lately. What an added bonus to everything now. Anyways, I know He loves me, thus, these challenges I'm facing. From Him I seek for forgiveness. Yesterday morning was just havoc. Woke up feeling crucial pain in my right ear and somehow I cant hear a thing, Freaked me out like shit. I cant rely on my roommates that much as they have their classes to fuss about. I called the cab and asked the cab driver to pick me up and send me to the hospital. It was 6 in the morning for goodness sake. Well when I arrived at the e.r. Yes, the emergency room, the nurses there pulled out lame jokes. Not a good moment to make jokes here, people are in pain. Please. Well yeah, being alone in that hospital wasnt a good feeling either. Shall stop for now, I have class in half an hour. This post is just another blab from me.

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