Saturday, December 17, 2011


Talking to the moon. What if the moon is the only thing we have in common now? Are you crying or are you having fun without me? Those words linger in my head like melody on staccato. Short but seems like never ending. What if the moon is the only thing we share now? Are you laying on the grass reminiscing us or are you fast asleep thinking about nothing? Silence is the loudest cry for a lady, you can surely know she's deeply hurt when she starts ignoring you. Flabbergasted? Well. I think that woman is me. Just the way you are? Do you still love me the way that word flowed from your mouth once? I can wait even waiting seems like the hardest thing to do. Do you know how I wish you were here? I woke up feeling dead, like a grenade exploded out of nowhere. How I wish I can be next to you, the tingles that I felt every time you're around make me feel right at this moment, it is all just a dream. I can only thank The Almighty when that memory came on a halt, straight to my face saying "You found me", from the lips of an angel. I will always wait for you. I promised.

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