Friday, January 30, 2009


I miss your annoying laughter,
I miss your annoying behavior,
I miss the way you took care of me when I'm sick,
I miss the time when you will take my cardigan and wore it as if its yours,
I miss your early messages,
The messages that will surely wake me up each time,
I miss your child like behavior when you are around me,
I miss the moments when you will text me and say
"tune on hitz. fm now, its our song. i miss you"
I miss to sketch our moments,
To picture our crazy-ness,
Melodise our conversations,
Now there is no you and me anymore,
My sketchbook are often blank,
My albums are full of torn images,
Melody? often silence turns out to be so freakingly loud,
and most of all,

p/s: baby it's fact -hello goodbye-

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